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Welcome to the INFOMAR website

Irish Seabed Mapping Priority Bay and Area MapThe INFOMAR programme is a joint venture between the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Marine Institute and is the successor to the Irish National Seabed Survey.  Covering some 125,000 kmē of Irelands most productive and commercially valuable inshore waters, INFOMAR will produce integrated mapping products covering the physical, chemical and biological features of the seabed.

Initially, INFOMAR will focus on 26 bays and 3 priority areas (shown in map). Click on the map to view information collected to date.

Image of INFOMAR Coverage A chart showing the latest INFOMAR & other related multibeam coverage can be downloaded here. pdf Download a chart which outlines the survey legs pdf

Click here to download the Real Map of Ireland .pdfIreland's designated continental shelf area superimposed on a shaded relief image of bathymetric data collected under INSS, PAD and GEBCO.

Image of an INFOMAR bathy chartCharts can be downloaded in .pdf format Bathymetry, Backscatter and Shaded Relief.

Image of Atlas Book 3D imagery featuring the submarine canyons, underwater mountains and abyssal plains that make up Ireland’s seabed territory.

Shipwrecks Book Image The book presents sixty of the shipwrecks mapped during the INSS and INFOMAR and tells a colourful tale of Ireland’s maritime heritage.

Image of 3D Map of Galway Bay3D Maps show both the onshore and offshore surface. Maps of Ireland, Galway and Dublin Bays.

Image of INFOMAR Google coverageView or download Bathymetry, LIDAR, Shipwrecks & 3D Maps in Google formats.

Image of shipwrecks View or download Shipwreck Information in .pdf's or Google Earth or Google Maps formats.

Download data in several formats (IWDDS)
View data using our webmapping viewers
Metadata online catalogue of our data
Web Mapping Services (WMS)

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