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INFOMAR Research Call 2011

Final Project Reports

Project Leader
Geochemical constraints on the age, affinity and history of the Porcupine High
Shane Tyrell
University College Dublin
The Bedrock Geology of Dublin Bay
David Chew
Trinity College Dublin
INF-11-05-SZP pdf document
Organic characteristics of aerobic microbial communities in deep sea sediment from the South Pacific Gyre
Michal Szpak
Dublin City University
Sea surface alklinity across the lrish shelf from underway temperature and salinity data collected during the INFOMAR project
Rachel Cave
NUI Galway
Integrated Coastal Mapping of Dublin Bay: Geomorphology based on geophysical data, Satellite inferred bathymetry and 3D integration with INFOMAR datasets
Paul Gibson
NUI Maynooth
Carbon Cycling in Dunmanus Bay pockmarks: Data generation and interpretation from the INFOMAR ground truthing program on the Porcupine Bank and Dunmanus Bay, Ireland (CE11_017)
Brian Kelleher
Dublin City University
Celtic Sea Sedimentary Proceses, Quaternary Stratigraphy and Offshore Renewable Energy Development (CeSQuORE)
Andy Wheeler
University College Cork
Appraisal of Irish Sea Seabed Imaging for Tidal Energy Generation (ISSITEG)
Andy Wheeler
University College Cork
INF-11-12-WAL pdf document
Integration of multiple offshore and onshore datasets from NE Ireland and the Irish Sea: an integrated 3-D model of geological structure.
John Walsh
University College Dublin
Modelling the beta diversity of the continental margin
Mark Johnson
NUI Galway
INF-11-15-ORI pdf document
Web based geospatial encoded marine video and image demonstrator project
Gearoid O'Riain
Geotech Technologies
Coastal Seabed Observatory Platform (COSOP)
Phillip Trickett
INF-11-18-LYS pdf document
Development of an integrated environmental on-line mapping system for the marine environment, to support the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and to Highlight the Value of Infomar Data
Liam Lysaght
National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland
Integration of INFOMAR data products and auxiliary data with handheld GPS devices and shipbourne navigation systems
Ivor Marsh
Monterrey Software Solutions
A Study of the Effect on Seabed Sediments at Ocean Energy Sites of Storm Waves and Currents using a Coupled Wave and Hydrodynamic Numerical Model
Marcel Cure
Numerics Warehouse
INF-11-21-FLA pdf document
Scaling Hydrographic Education & Training through Interactive E-learning and Scenario-Based Operational Simulation Integrated with INSS/INFOMAR Datasets and Operational Procedures
Francis Flannery
INF-11-23-MCC pdf document
COLDSTORE: Enhanced facilities for the extension of sediment core shelf life
Stephen McCarron
NUI Maynooth
Foundation Risk & Geotechnical Uncertainty Mapping for future Offshore Wind Farm Developments
Paul Doherty
Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions
INF-11-25-RIO pdf document
Delivery of a Real-time Survey Planner for Online Multibeam Quality Control
James Riordan
Development of online webGIS educational portal about Ireland’s Coastal and Marine Geology
Maxim Kozachenko
University College Cork
INF-11-30-MUR pdf document
Geological and geophysical description of the Arc Mounds, southwest Porcupine Bank
John Murray
NUI Galway
INF-11-31-DUF pdf document
A popular online marine resource management game’
Gavin Duffy
RealSim Games
Smart Event Triggered Ocean Monitoring Platform, (lander/mooring/databuoy)
Dan Toal
University of Limerick

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