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Avenza Maps Mobile App

Free Avenza Maps Mobile App for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

The app was designed by Avenza Maps and allows you to store maps offline on your device.

Maps don't need cellular coverage to be viewed.

This means you can download (eg INFOMAR Bathymetry maps) while you are at home or in the office with an internet connection. These are then stored offline on your device.

Then when you are out on a boat, you can open the map on the app, locate yourself on the map and view map coordinates using the built-in GPS on your mobile device.

Example: The blue circle represents the location of the INFOMAR office in Dublin - note there is no service or wifi on the phone.

Other features allow you to measure distances and areas.

These documents explain how to add INFOMAR inshore bathymetry data to an Android & iOS Mobile device with the intention of storing the data offline and accessing the data offshore.

Instruction for iOS

Instructions for Android

Download App here from iTunes.

Download App here from the the Google Playstore.


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