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INFOMAR Shipwrecks

3D Model Viewer Sketchfab

Fledermaus Scene

Google Earth KMZ


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3D Model Viewer Sketchfab

Click here to View all of INFOMAR's 3D Models

HMS Vanguard (INFOMAR/University of Ulster) by INFOMAR on Sketchfab

Fledermaus Scene

You can view theRMS Lusitania Shipwreck data in Fledermaus's free iView4D Viewer

Click here to download the Lusitania Shipwreck .scene file

Google Earth KMZ

You can view the shipwreck data in Google Earth

Click on a name for further infomation. Shipwrecks in green have pdf infomation sheets which can be downloaded, and shipwrecks in black have images

Click here to download the Shipwreck .kmz file

Click here to download the Lusitania Shipwreck .kmz file


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Click on a red box to view Shipwreck Information in that area


Shipwreck Map

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PDF List

Select the name of a wreck from the list below the map




Etal Manor


HMS Guide Me II

HMS Vanguard

La Surveillante


MV Bolivar

Queen Victoria

RMS Leinster


RMS Lusitania

Sir Charles Napier

South Arklow Lightvessel Guillemot

SS Akassa

SS Atxeri Mendi

SS Bandon

SS Fern

SS Folia

SS Hare

SS Harvard

SS Lynburn

SS Manchester Engineer

SS Manchester Merchant

SS Muirchu

SS Pegu

SS Polwell

SS Premier

SS Topaz

SS Vesper

SS WM Barkley




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