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Atlas of the Deep-Water Seabed: Ireland

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Warships, U-Boats & Liners - A Guide to Shipwrecks Mapped in Irish Waters

It is estimated that up to 15,000 shipwrecks may lie in Ireland’s designated waters, shipwrecks that tell of cruel wars, thwarted ambitions, political machinations and sunken treasures. It is a fascinating hidden history, filled with the best and worst features of human life and existence. Since the commencement of the INSS in 1999 and its successor INFOMAR which began in 2006, a comprehensive database of the shipwrecks that have been mapped has been collated. It is this dataset that has provided in-depth information of known and unknown shipwrecks in Irish waters and has led to collaborative work with the Underwater Archaeology Unit (National Monuments Service, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht).

This beautifully illustrated volume presents sixty of those shipwrecks mapped during the INSS and INFOMAR and tells a colourful tale of Ireland’s maritime heritage. This comprehensive guide to shipwrecks mapped brings together factual archaeological information with state-of-the-art bathymetric imagery. It is hoped that this book will be essential reading to those with an interest in Irish maritime history, in particular shipwrecks, and will provide an insight into the history surrounding these vessels and, ultimately, how they met their fate.

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