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Follow Our Boats

FollowOurBoatsYou can follow the RV Keary & Cosantoir Bradan's progress as they survey Ireland's seabed on our new webpage...

INFOMAR Survey Progress (Bays)

Details about the progress of INFOMAR surveys. Get information on a bay basis. An overview of the bay and the data collected to date. Images, videos, google .kmz's are available.....


VesselsA range of vessels are used to undertake geophysical surveys...

Tide and Datum Control

Changes in tide around the Irish coast. Onshore Tide Gauges, Offshore gauges...

Data Acquisition Systems

A range of instruments are used to determine the bathymetry(water depth)...more

Referencing Data to Datum

Referencing tide data to a known datum allows the geophysical data collected offshore to be tied into this datum...

Sound Velocity/Conductivity Temperature Depth Profiles

Density variations in the water column result in a deviation in the path of the sound wave from the sonar equipment used to survey...

Ground Truthing/
Seabed Sampling

To verify the results of remotely sensed sonar data, physical sediment samples from the seabed are collected...

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