An INFOMAR perspective

Geocoast interviews at the INFOMAR seminar

A series of interviews were conducted by Dr. Maxim Kozachenko (GeoCoast) at the INFOMAR seminar in Kinsale. Max asked various members of the INFOMAR team about the evolution of the programme to date, its successes and upcoming challenges.


Sean Cullen. INFOMAR joined project manager

The interviews offer a behind-the scenes perspective on one of the largest civilian seabed mapping projects on the planet from management and oversight to ‘hands-on’ hydrography and working at sea. The team shared thoughts on how lessons learned in mapping Irelands territorial waters can be used to map larger oceans, underpin marine research, promote the ‘blue economy’ and how integrated maps contribute to sustainable management of our marine resources.

Thomas Furey. INFOMAR joined project manager

Interviews and further GeoCoast videos can be viewed here

Thanks to Max and GeoCoast for compiling and hosting the videos!