The Coastal Atlas of Ireland

Book Cover

Robert Devoy, Val Cummins, Barry Brunt, Darius Bartlett & Sarah Kandrot

The Coastal Atlas of Ireland is a comprehensive and authoritative tribute to the irish coast. With contributions from over one hundred scholars and experts in a range of diverse fields, from geography to biology to archaeology, geology and history who together explore the coast of Ireland as a whole from varying perspectives.

INFOMAR were invited to contribute to this ambitious publication, to share our experience and knowledge of coastal seabed survey and detail how the data we collect are fundamental to underpinning an integrated approach to managing our marine resources.

Our input, from across our entire team, comprises the entirety of Chapter 9. In it we introduce the history of seabed mapping from an Irish perspective, how seafloor surveys are conducted and how maps are made. We further discuss how our high resolution maps are used for varying purposes across multiple marine sectors including the exploration of shipwrecks, the creation of habitat maps, sustainable fisheries, the expansion of offshore renewable energy infrastructure and marine spatial planning.

We thoroughly enjoyed contributing to this highly recommended Coastal Atlas and hope that you enjoy reading it and learning more about Irelands' relationship with its ancient marine history.

You can buy The Coastal Atlas of Ireland directly from Cork University Press here.