M.V. Cosantóir Bradán

MV Cosantóir Bradán

This former Inland Fisheries Ireland 17 m vessel was re-launched as a marine survey vessel from 2012 to 2016.

The MV Cosantóir Bradán was refurbished as a survey vessel and equipped with a RESON 7101 multibeam echosounder system.

The vessel is suited to near-shore survey work due to her shallow draft of 1.5 metres and retractable over-the-bow Multibeam echosounder mounting frame, which also housed an Inertial Motion Reference Unit and a Real Time Sound Velocity sensor. The M.V. Cosantóir Bradán was a key asset for the INFOMAR programme facilitating the collection of hydrographic and geophysical data around Irelands coastal waters.

Key features:

  • Steady platform with solid retractable mounting frame
  • Teledyne Reson 7101 multi-beam echosounder