INFOMAR Annual Seminar 2022


INFOMAR will host an in-person update on progress and plans towards completion of the Real Map of Ireland, in The Printworks, at Dublin Castle on 21st February.
We will reflect on the evolution of seabed mapping in Ireland, ongoing survey activities, key data initiatives, as well as capacity building in education and research.  There will be further discussions on Ireland’s role internationally in supporting hydrographic surveying and Atlantic seabed mapping.  
In addition, INFOMAR is supporting The Hydrographic Society UK & Ireland Remote Hydrography Conference, at Dublin Castle from 22nd - 24th February.
Please join us Monday, 21st February, 2022, 13:30-17:00 GMT to discuss Ireland’s role in seabed mapping, and to meet with some of our leading national and international industry, academic and engineering partners.

Register here for INFOMAR 2022.

You can also register for Remote Hydrography, Dublin Castle 22 - 24 Feb.


The full agenda is available below.

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