INFOMAR Launch Shipwreck Infographic Series




INFOMAR (Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s Marine Resource) has announced an exciting new weekly campaign to be released via social media and hosted on their website over the course of several months. This will feature bespoke shipwreck infographic products, each showcasing a different shipwreck from around the coast of Ireland. These infographics will provide details about each vessel’s sinking, their locations, and will include high-resolution multibeam echosounder data imagery of the wrecks.


The new infographic series aims to bring Ireland’s maritime history to life, making it both accessible and engaging for the public. Each infographic will display key information and the unique stories of these wrecks and present a visual representation of where they lie on the seabed. The high-resolution sonar imagery highlights the advanced mapping techniques used to capture these underwater sites. This initiative not only showcases Ireland’s rich maritime heritage but also underscores the importance of preserving these underwater cultural sites.


Among the featured wrecks are those with particular historical significance, including tragic stories that resonate deeply in Ireland's maritime history. Additionally, some wrecks are exceptionally well-mapped in extremely high detail, showcasing the remarkable detail and precision of INFOMAR’s mapping capabilities. This blend of storytelling and cutting-edge technology offers a fresh insight into Ireland's underwater heritage, promoting awareness and conservation efforts for Ireland’s submerged history.





INFOMAR plays a critical role in studying and preserving maritime sites through its collaboration with the National Monuments Service. This partnership is pivotal for preserving Ireland's submerged cultural heritage, facilitating the detailed mapping of underwater archaeological sites, including historic shipwrecks. INFOMAR contributes advanced marine mapping technologies and expertise, enabling precise documentation and monitoring of these sites. The National Monuments Service, through its Underwater Archaeology Unit, provides regulatory oversight, ensuring that all exploration and conservation efforts comply with Ireland's archaeological heritage laws. This cooperative effort aids in protecting these vulnerable sites and enhances our understanding of Ireland's maritime history, offering insights crucial for both educational and conservation purposes.


For those interested in exploring further, resources and additional reading materials can be accessed through links provided by INFOMAR and the National Monuments Service. These platforms maintain extensive shipwreck databases complete with documentation for historical context, promoting the protection and educational dissemination of Ireland’s rich maritime heritage. Wrecks over 100 years old and archaeological objects underwater, irrespective of their age or location, are protected under Section 3 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1987. A license is required to dive these sites which can be obtained from:


INFOMAR (Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s Marine Resource) is a twenty-year programme to map the physical, chemical, and biological features of Ireland’s seabed. INFOMAR is funded by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), and delivered by joint management partners Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute.


Visit the shipwreck infographic gallery here: Shipwrecks | Infomar


The release list for these infographics is as follows:

1. RMS Lusitania

2. RMS Leinster

3. La Surveillante

4. SS Manchester Merchant

5. SS W.M. Barkley

6. Kowloon Bridge 

7. UC42

8. SS Lennox

9. SS Ardmore

10. U260

11. HMS Vanguard

12. City of London

13. SS Aud 

14. Justica

15. HMS Guide Me II

16. SS Folia

17. SS Polwell

18. SS Candidate

19. SV Invercauld

20. Bardini Reefer 


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