EMODnet - European Marine Observation and Data Network


The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is a long-term marine data initiative funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Together with the Copernicus Programme and the Data Collection Framework for fisheries, EMODnet implements the EU’s Marine Knowledge 2020 strategy.

INFOMAR contributes data to the Bathymetry, Geology and Seabed Habitats Lots. INFOMAR is contributing to the objectives of the Bathymetry project by developing a harmonised Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for the European sea regions. Under the Geology project the Geological Survey Ireland delivers a variety of  marine geological data and metadata, and leads on the Minerals work package which identifies and maps areas of minerals (including aggregates, oil, gas and metalliferous minerals). The Marine Institute are coordinating the collation of marine habitat maps across several sea areas including the North-east Atlantic for the Seabed Habitats Lot.

EMODnet Phase 3 has seven discipline-based themes providing free access to marine data. These are: 

GeologyBathymetrySeabed HabitatsBiologyChemistryPhysics and Human Activities.