Completed June 2013

The Geo-Seas project implemented an e-infrastructure of 26 marine geological and geophysical data centres, located in 17 European maritime countries. Users were enabled to identify, locate and access pan-European, harmonised and federated marine geological and geophysical datasets and derived data products held by the data centers through a single common data portal.


The Geo-Seas data, data products and services were used for: environmental research and monitoring; academic research; government; national and regional agencies; dredging; marine hydrocarbons; beach nourishment; land reclamation; sustainable energy; civil engineering (pipelines, offshore construction, aggregates); communications (submarine cables); shipping; fisheries; tourism; and health.
In addition the project provided common catalogues of available data sets, such as samples, cores and seismic survey data and data products.

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The Geological Survey, Ireland (GS) developed several work packages involving a range of activities including; the development of standards of formats for the transport and visualization of geological and geophysical data; identifying user requirements for standard data products and viewing services; development, demonstration and documentation of software components for providing high resolution geophysical data viewing services, exploration of the use and coupling of international, open-source software plug-ins for modeling and visualization along with capacity building and training and development activities.