TY Student Education Outreach Development Programme

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The Challenge:
The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) and Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) have invested hugely in the INFOMAR programme devoting a large amount of time, money and resources to generate a vast databank that is of crucial importance to the development of Ireland's marine, fisheries, energy and offshore sectors. The challenge now is to ensure that the exploitation of that data is equally impressive and that the INFOMAR programme engages successfully with the widest possible audience. It was recognised that current access to this data is targeted at industry professionals rather than the general public. The Transition Year (TY) Student Education Outreach and Development Programme (EODP) aims to change this.


The Aims:
This TY Students EODP initiative aims to provide INFOMAR with an IT platform allowing TY students to collect marine and geoscientific data using their mobile phones, thus raising the profile of INFOMAR data, making it more freely available to the general public and exposing students to GIS technology and open data concepts. Engaging students, through their learning environment, particularly at second level, demonstrates to them how GIS can benefit society, business and the environment. These students will act as early adopters providing the use case for wider social interaction with INFOMAR through the new technical platform provided under this project.

This programme was the winner of the IRLOGI Space & Place Awards 2014 - Best Use of Location Based Application for Mobile or Tablet.


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