Improving Accessibility of INFOMAR data to fishers


Data collected during INFOMAR (and the preceding Irish National Seabed Survey (INSS)) is freely available to all users, since 2006. Principle among these datasets is high resolution measurements of seabed depth (bathymetry), which are of immediate use to the fishing industry and related users. However, while the data has been available, technical limitations have limited its integration with the software products commonly used in these sectors.

This report aims to address this and provide a series of instructions to enable integration of INFOMAR data with software based ‘commercial chart plotters’, such as:

·        TimeZero (formerly MaxSea)
·        Olex
The instructions provided will enable system vendors, or end-users themselves, to incorporate INFOMAR data in a ‘self-service’ manner; using freely available software and data downloads already accessible on INFOMAR websites.

Note that INFOMAR data are not to be used for navigation.