­Web Services


A Web Map Service (WMS) is a standard protocol developed for serving maps and data over the Internet. A WMS is hosted on a remote server and can be accessed by any open Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software similar to a website. These services are useful for GIS professionals to add INFOMAR data to their own maps or web developers and to add data to online web mapping viewers.

Please note that some datasets are scale dependent and will not be visible until you zoom in. The following is a list of live INFOMAR data layers available from our servers:

Service URL Service Type Description
Backscatter Image Service Image service of backscatter data as greyscale images.
Bathymetry Data Image Service Image service providing bathymetry as gridded elevation data values.
Bathymetry Colour Image Service Tiled image service providing bathymetry as colour scaled tiles.
Sediment Classification Vector Service Vector service showing broad scale sediment classification.
Shipwrecks Vector Service See all shipwrecks mapped by INFOMAR surveys.
Surveys Vector Service See all INFOMAR survey areas
Tracklines Vector Service See all INFOMAR survey tracklines
Sediment Samples Vector Service See all INFOMAR sediment sample locations.

In addition to these we have many other services available which are listed in the pdf below.