microdrones md4-3000

microdrones md4-3000


The microdrones md4-3000 is a quadcopter with an interchangeable payload. GSI have two payloads for the md4 available to the INFOMAR programme. 

The first payload is the mdMapper DG payload which consists of:

  • 42.4MP Sony RX1R-II camera
  • Nadir gimbal (to ensure camera always points perpendicular to the ground)
  • Direct Georeferencing (DG) capability

This is used similarly to the Trimble UX5HP for obtaining highly precise point clouds without the need for ground control points (except as a QC). The md4 can precisely control its flight path in order to avoid flying over certain areas if required and has the capability of taking off and landing vertically. 
The second payload is the +i package which is an inspection package capable of recording HD video and relaying it to a ground station for live viewing of the video feed.

This payload consists of:

  • 24.2MP Sony A6300 camera 
  • two axis brushless gimbal 
  • Amimon Connex HD Video return

Its operating weather window is less than that of the UX5HP and should not be operated in wind speeds above 43km/h or very humid (max 90%) conditions. The md4s versatility enables other payloads up to a maximum of 5kg to be attached.


Preparing the microdrones md4-300 for flight.


We focus on UAV’s with Direct Georeferencing capability for reasons of precision and safety. Mapping for INFOMAR is usually on exposed coastal and possibly cliff edge locations where the positioning of ground control points (GCPs) throughout the survey area would usually be a safety hazard. DG allows for precise results without exposing our surveyors to the risks involved in placing GCPs in these tricky intertidal or dangerous areas.


Check out the below video of INFOMAR's MD4 in action as it flies past the Sugarloaf in Co. Wicklow.