INFOMAR Survey Plan & Activity 2021

INFOMAR Survey Plan & Activity 2021

2021 INFOMAR survey operations are planned to take place within the following bays, harbours and offshore areas:

RV’s Keary, Geo, Lir, Galtee and Mallet Areas

Celtic Sea & Atlantic Coast: Survey effort will take place in an inshore area from Roaringwater Bay, County Cork to Kilkee, County Clare and two offshore areas south of Mizen Head out as far as the 30 nautical mile (Nm) limit. An additional offshore area is located on the west coast between Kerry Head and the Aran Islands.

RV Celtic Voyager Areas

Celtic Sea: extending coverage off the Cork coast south of the 30 Nm and a second area approximately 150 km south of this at the eastern extent of the Exclusive Economic Zone along the UK-Ireland median line.

Atlantic Ocean: extending coverage outside of the 30 Nm limit west of Loop Head.

Donegal Coast: inshore mapping between South Donegal and the Malin Head area during INTERREG VA SeaMonitor (CV21017) survey.

RV Celtic Explorer Area

Celtic Sea: extending coverage along the shelf edge at the southern extent of our unmapped area.

Data acquisition methods will include hydrographic and geophysical survey, and geological groundtruthing using grab samplers and/or drop cameras.