INFOMAR Survey Plan & Activity 2023

INFOMAR Survey Plan & Activity 2023

INFOMAR survey operations 2023 are planned to take place within the following bays, harbours and offshore areas:

RV’s Keary, Geo, Lir, Galtee and Mallet Areas

  • Atlantic Ocean and Coast: Counties Clare, Galway, Mayo and Donegal with the 30 NM as the offshore boundary.
  • Irish Sea: Areas of the Irish Sea along the Ireland /UK border stretching from East of County Dublin to east of County Wexford. 
  • Irish Sea: Coastal areas of the Irish Sea 

RV Tom Crean Areas

  • Celtic Sea: Extending coverage off the Cork coast south of 30 NM. 
  • Atlantic Ocean: Extending coverage either side of the 30 NM limit west of counties Kerry, Clare and Galway. 

Data acquisition methods will include hydrographic and geophysical survey, and geological groundtruthing using grab samplers and/or drop cameras. 

As part of the ongoing planning process, INFOMAR are interested in identifying previous, current, and planned operations or environmental constraints within the above priority survey areas, (e.g. seismic survey, environmental and/or physical monitoring, dredging, commercial activities, wreck investigations). Enquiries or supporting information in relation to the above programme should be directed by email to info [at] (info[at]infomar[dot]ie), or by phone to Marine Institute +353 91 387200 or Geological Survey Ireland +353 1 6782896.