INFOMAR Survey Plan & Activity 2024

INFOMAR Survey Plan & Activity 2024

During 2024, operations are planned to take place within the following bays, harbours and offshore areas:

RV’s Keary, Geo, Lir, Galtee and Mallet Areas 

  • Atlantic Ocean and Coast: Counties Clare, Galway, Mayo and Donegal with the 30 NM as the offshore boundary.
  • Irish Sea: Areas of the Irish Sea along the Ireland /UK border stretching from East of County Dublin to east of County Wexford.
  • Irish Sea: Coastal areas of the Irish Sea

RV Tom Crean Areas

  • Celtic Sea: Extending coverage off the Cork coast south of 30 NM.
  • Atlantic Ocean: Extending coverage outside of the 30 NM limit west of counties Clare, Galway and Mayo.

Refer to 2024 Notice of Operations for further details