RV Celtic Explorer

RV Celtic Explorer

The RV Celtic Explorer is a multi-purpose research vessel, operated by the Marine Institute, and is the larger of the two state-owned vessels.

It came into service in 2003 and is designed for fisheries acoustic research, oceanographic, hydrographic and geological investigations as well as buoy/deep water mooring and ROV Operations.

At 65.5m in length, the vessel can accommodate 35 personnel, including 20-22 scientists and can stay at sea for a maximum of 35 consecutive days. The vessel is based in Galway, Ireland, which is ideally located as the gateway to the Atlantic and enables the Celtic Explorer to facilitate both national and international research and exploration with ease. 

The Celtic Explorer's other key attributes include:

  • Acoustically silent (ICES 209), which minimises fish avoidance and provides an ideal environment for the collection of high quality acoustic data
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Retractable drop keel for acoustic transducers and other instrumentation
  • Sonardyne Ranger and Ixsea Gaps USBL System
  • Kongsberg Simrad EM2040, EM1002 and EM302 multibeam echosounders (reaching depth of 5000 m)
  • Kongsberg Simrad EK60 and EA600 singlebeam echosounder
  • IXblue Echo 7000
  • Large dry and wet laboratories
  • A full complement of survey equipment and winches suitable for coring, trawling and drop camera operations
  • Adapted to accommodate a variety of Remotely Operated Vehicles including the Deepwater ROV Holland I