RV Celtic Voyager


The RV Celtic Voyager is a multi-purpose research vessel, operated by the Marine Institute. It is 31.4m in length with a 4m draught with facilities for the collection of fisheries, geophysical, oceanographic and environmental data and is also used to provide practical training for the next generation of marine scientists. 

The vessel has wet, dry and chemical laboratories, which are permanently fitted with standard scientific equipment.  The RV Celtic Voyager can accommodate 6-8 scientists and stay at sea for a maximum of 14 consecutive days. 

Key features of the RV Celtic Voyager include: 

  • Kongsberg Simrad EM2040 and EM3002 multibeam echosounders 
  • Kongsberg Simrad EA400 singlebeam echosounder 
  • Ixsea Gaps USBL System 
  • Ideally suited to towed Underwater TV operations 
  • Capable of beam & pelagic and demersal otter trawling 
  • CTD work to 1000m 
  • Full oceanographic services