RV Keary

RV Keary

The RV Keary is the second largest of the two state-owned inshore research vessels run by the Geological Survey.

The vessel is 15.5 m in length and a 2.1 m draught and permanently fitted with state of the art hydrographic and geophysical equipment. 

The RV Keary facilitates the collection of hydrographic and geophysical data but she has also been used as diving platform during archaeological investigations and she is also used to provide practical training for the next generation of marine scientists.

Key features of the RV Keary include:

  • Retractable drop keel for acoustic transducers and other instrumentation
  • Kongsberg EM2040 multi-beam
  • Sonardyne Scout USBL
  • Edgetech 3200XS chirp shallow seismic sub bottom profiler
RV Keary