RV Lir


The RV Lir is an 11m Redbay Stormforce RIB configured for sallow water hydrographic and geophysical data acquisition. It is operated by Geological Survey Ireland and licensed to carry out survey operations to a range of 30Nm from the coast as part of the INFOMAR program. The vessel is designed to be highly manoeuvrable, ideal for seabed mapping in inner bays and complex shallow water environments. The bow is fitted with a custom aluminium A-frame and retractable survey pod which supports a mounted dual-head Multibeam Echosounder system. This system allows for rapid transits between stations and increased survey efficiency. 

Key features of the RV Lir include: 

  • Dual-head Teledyne Reson Seabat T20 Multi-beam echosounders 
  • Over the bow deployment unit for acoustic transducers 
  • Rapid transit capabilities 
  • Suitable for inner bay and deep-water surveying