RV Tonn

RV Tonn

The RV Tonn is a 7.9 m Catamaran operated by Geological Survey Ireland. Tonn is the Irish word for 'wave' and is fitting given the vessel uses sound waves to map the ocean floor. The RV Tonn was purpose built in 2015 to carry out very shallow survey work (5 - 10 m) with a crew of two. Its draft is just 0.7 m. The vessel's design has previously been incorporated in survey boats for the Port of London Authority and features a patented Hydropod system. 

Together with RV Lir and Geo, the RV Tonn facilitates the collection of hydrographic and geophysical data in very shallow water around the inner reaches of the bays. 

Key features of the RV Tonn include: 

R2Sonic 2022 multi-beam  

Retractable Hydropod system for acoustic transducers 

High resolution surveying at relatively fast speed