A Bathymetric survey maps the depth of a body of water and any underwater features within it.

Knowing the depth of the sea and its shape is incredibly important for creating Nautical charts, for example, which are based on data acquired during bathymetric surveys. Accurate charts safeguard mariners and enable more efficient maritime transportation. INFOMAR maps Irish coastal and offshore waters and makes bathymetric data freely available for download as Shaded Relief, Bathymetric Contour & Seabed Classification Charts.

In addition, bathymetric data enables marine research across a range of disciplines:

  • Marine Geologists study how the ocean crust formed and how glaciers once moved over coastal areas.
  • Oceanographers use bathymetric information to model how ocean currents and tide flow around the coastline and predict which coastal area will be more affected by rising sea levels, tsunami impact or coastal erosion.
  • Marine Biologists use high-resolution bathymetry to determine where marine species live, feed, and breed. This has important applications for fisheries management and conservation strategies.
  • Habitat Mappers use bathymetry to derive further characteristics of the seabed to help define the fundamental parameters of marine ecosystems.

Further data formats are available for download here.


INFOMAR delivers three key datasets Bathymetry (or Water depth)Acoustic Backscatter and Water Column Data.